Last Modified: August 17, 2023

In this Privacy Policy, we depict the duties, obligations, and privileges aspects of REAL VISION LTD (the “Company“, ” we“, “us” or “our“) regarding the disclosure, use, and collection of information practices between our services and end-users.

Our Privacy Policy is meant to serve as a legally binding agreement between the Company and the Partner (the “Partner“). By accessing or employing our Services, the Partner consent to abide by and not breach the terms of this Privacy Policy, which will be updated inconsistently. The subject of information collecting will be also consented to by the Partner and its use, as stretched out in this Privacy Policy. Furthermore, any update to this Privacy Policy will be notified to our consented end users.


Information Collection purposes:
The information collected by us meant to serve a few aspects:

    • Interaction with our users. It may be in order to comply with any of their feedbacks, respond to their question and etc.
    • Development and build-up of our monetization and payment affiliates models using the traffic flow and any tracking of usage statistics.
    • Technical and security hazards resolutions, including fraud or other malice issues which jeopardizing our products
    • Facilitate our services using development customization or any other enhancement. These improved preferences are based, not solely, on our users preferences built through the interactions with our products.
    • Research for analytics purposes and employment of statistic models.
    • Maintenance of our policies and regulations, while resolving any investigation by applicable law.
    • To comply with any claims of misuse of information or violation rights, if provided proof, through our products, to any third party.

Collected data:

      • Anonymous data
        • Anonymous information is collected while using our apps. This information cannot be linked to a specific individual and is accumulated as chunks of data per user group. The information gathered includes the end user’s country of origin, device type and model and other hardware specifications, average daily usage, most visited pages on the app, and preferred languages.
        • We do not have the ability to monitor all information passed through our servers and in our services, especially information created and shared by third parties making use of our services, we reserve the right to terminate the use of any user in the suspicion of misuse of our products and services.
        • The Company is not liable for the accuracy of the stored information gathered anonymously, Including information shared between app users while using the app (such as information shared using our user chat service).

Personal data:

    • No personal information is ever collected from any of our users in any of our services except for data entered specifically by the user (such as filling a request or support form).
    • Mobile Device Identifiers. Mobile Device Identifiers or Mobile Device IDs are unique identifiers that can be used to identify a mobile device. They can usually only be accessed via an app and not from the mobile web. Advertisers use these identifiers to determine if they have already served an ad to a specific user and retarget or frequently cap the ads shown to that user. We record your mobile Device ID on some of our services for advertising and user analytics reasons. We often use other persistent identifiers in the case your device does not have an AD ID. There is a way to opt-out of getting targeted ads through your mobile Ad ID, if you are interested, read Android Opt-Out Down below.


We use 2 different SDKs in almost all our apps, they are listed below:

  1. Admob:
  2. Firebase:


Children’s under 13:

    • We are not mainly targeting our products to children under 13 years of age. Therefore, the collection of information from those individuals is not directed or gained in any means of soliciting of the sort.

Sharing information:

    • From the anonymous information prospect, we may share the information with third parties. Between them are retailers, ad networks, service providers, advertising companies, and other parties, to comply with the circumstances stated above as well as for services improvement, delivering or developing advertisements, or in order to analyze or facilitate any business model structured by us. This information is anonymous and may be merged with collected information from other sources.
    • Anonymous information is shared with third parties, such as statistics, crash reporting and users analytics in order to improve, maintain and facilitate our mentioned services.
    • Our users Personal Information is not shared with any third parties if the user hasn’t specifically consented to this Privacy Policy, or, if reached by a court order or applicable laws
    • We share Anonymous Information with third parties, when this is required in order to provide, maintain or improve the Services and for the purposes detailed above, and only to the extent needed to provide such services.
    • Our main reasons for information sharing is as listed below:
    • * Protection of the rights, the safety of the company or any of its properties, including of its third parties, affiliates, or the company partners
    • ** Enforcement of the regulation stated in this Privacy Policy or any Terms Of Service made by us. The company also has the right to share information in order to investigate any  violation from its partner’s side
    • *** The resolution of any technical issues and their detection. The prevention of fraud, violation of this Privacy Policy or the breaching of any security system employed by us
    • **** Comply with any regulation, applicable law, court order, or subpoena

Android opt-out:

    • Using the operating system employed by Google, the user can opt-out from targeted ads on his/her Android. In order to do so, the user should consult his/her device manufacturer or follow a manual regarding the opt-out instructions for his/her personal mobile


    • We put the prevention of information misuse and data leakage as our highest priority. To ensure that, we use security protocols and different measures, incl strict security guidelines, as standardized by the industry, to reach maximum protection. Every employee in the company is subjected to confidentiality obligations and has access only to the information required by his ongoing assignment.
    • Our security measures and means are well suited to meet the risks of hostile individuals. Although, to guarantee 100% prevention of data misuse by our side is a far-fetched statement.
    • We always try to make our best in protecting our users and we will be content to hear about any vulnerability in our products.

Duration of information retain:

    • The collected information will be retained as long as we need to meet our agreements, serve legal obligations and resolve any disputes and issues relating to our users.
    • The collected information will be removed or recollected, at our own discretion, if it was corrupted or inaccurate, at the time of its collection.
    • The collected information will be subjected to changes, if our end users desired, by contacting us via email.

Privacy policy updates:

    • We have the right to update this Privacy Policy. Any changes in the policy will be held by law, right after they will be shown on this Privacy Policy. We will notify our users about any change to the Privacy Policy and request re-consent for any new changes, which will be marked on this Privacy Policy as changed.


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